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My Mapless Manhunt

My Mapless Manhunt(a Guide’s Guile in four seasons) 1) On the Stripling’s cause: Keeningbetween my parents was a fulcrum, ballast,a voice in equipoise Distrust runawaycommences emerging loneliness Only beauty rescueswhich questions anchored me 2) On G-dly Karen: Of her powerenthralling amour I envelope my own standalonebeauty not to cleave to (not to marry myself)or borrow … Continue reading


Mangrows Aliving

Unbridled RachmanaBlindspotted métier after Traumlicht  Strauss ++ Tonight you petition—call yourself home Cerebellum harpy andantebellum happy Number questions happenstance Slumber destinesanswerdance A peripatetic medicas your father works the phone We have a little sisteras green as driven riverin total — in the riverlapless and alone Shape her in mourning          Paper her stormMantle her uppercrustbefore our earth … Continue reading


Bedeken thoughts

BS”D In Her Pupil You see yourself Pure You hear your yes You zest Your jestHer Divine Request As the Shabbos Guest          Enters In His Pupil You Maybe-Baby Find           Wholly There Your Entire City of love and liberty IntegritySumFrom these last lost rays of Sdom Breathe down slowly, deepen to holdG-d’s Eye innerselfEzer kenegdo centers thereHomes your air, enfleshes As sanctity and trust arrive,Refresh legends … Continue reading


At Last

BS”D (for Bronia1 with pep and zest) I) What is poetry’s leitmotif when the still shifts want? To glory the ridges of microscoped soulimperilling the verse reverse from Hades to the Styx To howl the wilderness into sanctified breath aching the Colossus shaking enemy dwellings Yes To G-d-center kiss in the abyss of meaningand source the … Continue reading


Yomtov 5783

BS”D Wedding Song – Lecha Dodi For the Cause of This Surfeit Bliss Know You sing our knighted Life, delighted Wife  Elusive Teshuva: A New Year of Love1 It occurs in the manner of innocence breathless, with time at once,lyrical for a thought confines to refine or returns in confident ease,breezes eternal to whirlwind worlds:a gift, a lift, each second … Continue reading

Divrei Torah / Poetry

Parshat Balak

B’H Bolluxed or BeCalm(Balak v Bilaam) Hesitates no more Our Cemetery of older sorrow Be gone hear this armamentAnd in aquaint way weRehearse a verseOr a CurseAll-the-Well knowing We Are in The PresenceOf The CreatorTrembling Am Levadad Yishkonin Shangri-La solitude Blessing Am I alone here?Matzpune 1or Hu Haya  Hu Hoveh   Hu Yehiyeyihiyeh Comes a manTo be just like youAs a principleNeither … Continue reading



Straitened, Homegrown           לכבד אבי מורי רבי צורי וגואלי  S’pose I scant shallow follow barely billowya shadowswellto carry your heartwarmth aloft and doffa well-begotten acheto share our wholly solo We linger in the unbegun sunseasonin picnic pose talking endless G-dlike carriers of greatness as a legacyand you, father, arise Be my troubadour Colour the … Continue reading