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Divrei Torah / Poetry

Parshat Balak

B’H Bolluxed or BeCalm(Balak v Bilaam) Hesitates no more Our Cemetery of older sorrow Be gone hear this armamentAnd in aquaint way weRehearse a verseOr a CurseAll-the-Well knowing We Are in The PresenceOf The CreatorTrembling Am Levadad Yishkonin Shangri-La solitude Blessing Am I alone here?Matzpune 1or Hu Haya  Hu Hoveh   Hu Yehiyeyihiyeh Comes a manTo be just like youAs a principleNeither … Continue reading



Straitened, Homegrown           לכבד אבי מורי רבי צורי וגואלי  S’pose I scant shallow follow barely billowya shadowswellto carry your heartwarmth aloft and doffa well-begotten acheto share our wholly solo We linger in the unbegun sunseasonin picnic pose talking endless G-dlike carriers of greatness as a legacyand you, father, arise Be my troubadour Colour the … Continue reading

Holidays / Poetry

Protect Your Miracles

BS”D Preserve Your Miracles שמור על כל נס  FellowInDweller G-d Is deep beneath our hollowed navel hallow (Umbiblical) Was our thirsted Soil Souled in Sinaile? הרנהר (drawn-up and incorruptible?) If we augur our fortunes readymade  assume a shadow of Tzelem Elokimand unguard our sanctity to merge and blade the mancantation, Spinoza-thin, imposes its trial on … Continue reading


Rosh HaShanah 5780

B”H “Yehi ratzon milfanecha Adonai eloheinu v’elohei avoteinu, she’t’chadesh aleinu shanah tovah u’metukah ka’devash.” “May it be Your will, oh G-d our G-d and the G-d of our ancestors, that You renew for us a year good and sweet like honey.” The colour of sweetness L’shanah tovah u’metukah—why is it sweetness we forefront in our … Continue reading