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Divrei Torah

Parshat Korach 5778

B”H The first Jewish anti-Semite was Korach. He questions Moses obsessively: “Why do you put yourself above us? We’re all holy. I’m as smart as anyone. I’m more gifted than you. I have true followers. Why do you arrogate leadership?” Moses answers as we all naturally would to such preposterousness: “Why are you telling me … Continue reading


Yom HaShoah 5778

B”H Three outdoor monuments bespeak the regressive brutality of the Shoah. First, by a cobblestone road in Vienna, a statue of an elderly Jew in payos and tzitzit gleams as two Nazi policemen taunt him and jeer. Such scenes replayed in open display in the days after Kristallnacht, while the whole city witnessed the humiliation. … Continue reading