Poem for Tamira: A Life, So Far

A Life, So Far

This sordid war, plane and plough became the lour or this is our, my magic gain, said she this hour.                                                                                                                                                 I can’t explain. Said they, this way a certain gaggle on its own I could not worship and you my worship have struck a desert’s rock/\and Perfect. He’s left his theft; a woman’s dance beyond the sea has brought this core and you Alone. (And you to me) I would but follow. Wagged this fellow upon the hallow up on the morrow. So this is war, said she to he, a mannequined sky but Who but why. And what of depth and what of lore I’ve said before  when sure and shallow is what He owned and what he loaned.

You’ve become 18 you’ve become her twenty and suddenly a life of plenty, I’ve had enough won’t come again the desert bargain the talk of men. It was her giggle that made her long as Mesopotamian and shift and throng. You have this dress and drift and stress and up north was earth’s largesse. I won’t know what winds the mouth, occurs the thoughts bemuses nought. The skill is found the start was frantic but in her heart the tongue and panic. Now what to own from you Alone, from You alone the sun has shown.

He wanted you above his aura, a man has limits above this flora. He wanted you to see a shift, if this is bliss, a strip of this. Because Jerusalem has its ground Jerusalem’s beauty is sky unbound, Jerusalem’s beauty is lost and found. And cold as heat when you will meet. Your eyes have shone for this alone.


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