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Psalm 28: Manufractured

B”H manufractured She’s So ensconced In  my breath’s breast G-d’s refracted lights  (consider it), maker, So defines the Heavenly Devise.       Sees Mistaken untried  trues; you would think me moderate, You would thank your gratitude.    You would not delay. Contriting ourselves preternaturally otherwise, we Threaten only to modernize beautiful breezes aloft The Beatitude. May the … Continue reading


Chanukah Sameach

BS”D Chanukah 5777 To rejoice and to love: two salient emotions G-d Commands of His people. What glorious habits to cultivate, regardless of one’s religion, simply to pronounce and re-pronounce our humanity. We are instructed to revel in ecstatic joy on Sukkot, to rejoice in the extreme: “You shall make yourself the Festival of Sukkot … Continue reading