Divrei Torah

Chen again and again

BS”D Gracious Grace: All For G-d’s Eye *** “Ata chonen l’adam da’at, u-melamed le-enosh binah. Chonenu me-it’cha chochmah binah ve-da’at. Baruch ata HaShem, chonen ha-da’at…” (Shemoneh Esrei) Through Your grace, G-d, grant us wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Blessed are You. Grace us by bestowing Your grace. *** “…ve-al chayim chen ve-chesed shechonantanu…” (Birkat HaMazon) … And … Continue reading

Poetry / Psalms

Psalm 14: MammonCure

B”H What’s your pointillism? Manny’s Mammon I. Vilence I didn’t know your name Just your woman Your spartan white-and-blue eye That wouldn’t pupil-look Orb e seen Hard lines put on your peaceful mouth Hidden softnesses Words few, convexed Young love ready to achieve You immunize another boyfriend That she didn’t believe +++ II. Bodygardening Always (Alight) … Continue reading