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Purim Questioning

B”H Purim 5776 We’re all aware that Purim is the only holiday designated to survive the Messiah’s arrival. But we’re not really told why. We find two key figures in the Purim story who are hostile to the advance of the world: Haman and Memucan. Haman arranged with the king for a genocide, which would … Continue reading

Divrei Torah

Chen again and again

BS”D Gracious Grace: All For G-d’s Eye *** “Ata chonen l’adam da’at, u-melamed le-enosh binah. Chonenu me-it’cha chochmah binah ve-da’at. Baruch ata HaShem, chonen ha-da’at…” (Shemoneh Esrei) Through Your grace, G-d, grant us wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Blessed are You. Grace us by bestowing Your grace. *** “…ve-al chayim chen ve-chesed shechonantanu…” (Birkat HaMazon) … And … Continue reading

Audio / Divrei Torah

Parshat Vayikra 5769

Audio lost and found: Radio Shalom, 2009     Advertisements Continue reading

Poetry / Psalms

Psalm 14: MammonCure

B”H What’s your pointillism? Manny’s Mammon I. Vilence I didn’t know your name Just your woman Your spartan white-and-blue eye That wouldn’t pupil-look Orb e seen Hard lines put on your peaceful mouth Hidden softnesses Words few, convexed Young love ready to achieve You immunize another boyfriend That she didn’t believe +++ II. Bodygardening Always (Alight) … Continue reading