Nonesuch Time

Nonesuch Time

  Oh my wife. I belong to you. I see the skin fold hurry under your eyelids. I want to be your sleep. I walk along your long grace. Your bones are hard to everyone’s stance but not to my fingers’ touch. There are tender demands when you open your lips, your tongue, your teeth. Your teeth are teaching my empty … Continue reading

Divrei Torah

Baubles from Babylon

Pesach time advances us from lowly national genut (deprivation) to shevach (blessings a’plenty.) Torah wants it this way — we are commanded to elevate, to ever-refine. The Haggadah is scripted as an emancipation from hopelessly bereft unto surfeit. Parallel this with modern Jewish history, advancing from the Shoah (re-enslavement) to Yom Ha’atzmaut (nation-creation.) Within three … Continue reading