Poetry / Psalms

Psalm 20: Unearth

B”H Psalm 20 Unearth Her In shadows ‘neath an elegant mourn She approaches a night slight Slight wind sigh A squeeze-box Hampers her chest I am of a certain quiescence And clang out … O G-d Agag in a fog Flowers comely and a’scrunch I cannot save either of us Parallel eyes Fixed to G-d … Continue reading


High Holidays, 5777

BS”D “Yamim Noraim: Exiling the Exile” Welcome Rabbi Schwarzman to Beth-El. Your gentle demeanor and gracious lovingkindness is kadosh. May the Source of Light guide you to shine a Sanctified joy upon our kehilla. Year after year on Rosh Hashanah, G-d ousts us from the Garden of Eden just as Adam and Eve were expelled … Continue reading