The Longest Ray

The Longest Ray Mishenichnas Adar Marbim b’Simcha: entering Adar with joy increases the joy of the world. What bombast from the rabbis! Should we take this declaration seriously? Why Adar? Because it is the final month of the spiritual year, centering upon the holiday of Purim and anticipating Nisan which centers upon Pesach. Purim splays … Continue reading

Divrei Torah

Parshiot Beshalach v’Yitro

BS”D Transformation (a):  Parshat Beshalach 5776 Curiously, we don’t commonly call the splitting of the Sea of Reeds bikat yam suf, as it is called in the Torah (Shemot 14:16, 21). Instead we refer to the “ripping” of the sea, kri’at yam suf, as the Talmud employs the midrash (Sotah 2a). Such a violent term, … Continue reading