The bed of Rudolf Höss

B”H The bed of Rudolf Höss The story goes like this: Once upon a crime… Tamira is our magic child. We’ve always followed her lead, ever since she was an infant. She shepherds the family into all our adventures. She is five and a half years old, and we’re living in Sweden. Everybody in Sweden … Continue reading

Poetry / Psalms / Q&A

Psalm 26: Inhere in Heaven’s Crowd

5 January 2017 // 9th of Tevet, 5777 She’elot v’tshuvot with Kitra + Inhere in Heaven’s Crowd When I look to her purple pupil, I see miniature. And in that losing man’s last coil, reflecting backwards, I sensate ( in  fact) Face here in heaven Inword. Here bristles the cruel brisk divide. Our arms entangle, … Continue reading

Divrei Torah / Memories

Parshat Vayigash

I was a rabbi in a shul built by Jews from Lodz. A man came in one Shabbos just after Shacharit and sat in the back row. Everywhere there was unease, disquiet. A congregant came up to me on the bima quite agitated. “That man was a known kapo in Auschwitz. Send him away.” I … Continue reading