G-d Stories

Let me help you through. These are self-eulogies, autobiographies, but fictionalized, in the moments before death. Theologically now,  I propose that death has nevuah, poetry and a crystallized but imagined dialogue with the Eibishter. The nazi murder was their malacha mavet. Again theologically and especially in soul talk there is no localized geography. The soul wants to return to G-d and stay in this world and can do so because there is no corporeality. Therefore there is  language every which way.

Rabbi Cahana


One thought on “G-d Stories

  1. Sir my name is Fadi, i was a Muslim and i’ve been reading the old testament and the new testament for seven years now, i became christian and still looking for the truth ,i know that there is a great creator for sure but the only thing which bothers me till now that i do not want to be deceived again. so where is the truth if you have it.
    God blesses upon you, wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Thank you for reading and hoping that i could find answers.

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