Poem for Karen

I love you more than yesteryear I love you with my life

I love you with both day and night and sugar imprecise

All songs in your bright eyes are sung, it drinks into G-d’s dream;

I love you with the fear of love; in love I love its gleam. I love you as its source, my dove, I love you in the stream of love, in breath, in its trust, my love, G-d gave you as my wife.

As sure as birth has happened, as sure as basic force, I love you with the truth of night as breath has run its course. The happenstance of gifted, the pressure of the climb, I love you till the run of day, way past the noontimes prime. I’d love you in the second wind as strong as with the first. And if there was another lifetime I’d begin again this thirst. For you’re my life’s admission, and you’re the only claim; I live in your permission in day to day refrain.

I beg you in the value of many souls undone, I beg you on condition that you’re the only one.

So with the wicked on its knees and mankind yet unsprung, I love you with the depth of please so death cannot be brung. I’ve sat within the valley I’ve sat on the bottom rung but when within your embrace dear, redemption has begun.

The seven streams of legend, the seeds and the sublime. I love you more than sunshine that beckons throughout time. You’re the rain, the ever grown, the purpose here on earth; I love you with the vision  shown of heaven’s only search…

Ronnie Cahana 2010

(After Wedding Song by Bob Dylan)


2 thoughts on “Poem for Karen

  1. The love displayed by the Rabbi’s family is a rare testimony in itself.
    Truly, Karen shines as a precious gem in his crown. This family is by
    far the holiest and loveliest I have ever encountered; it gives hope to
    those surrounding them, setting a GODLY example of how a family
    should be established. Their children are humble and sweet…a sure
    guarantee that will follow the Cahana legacy;
    ‘Be ye holy, without which, none shall see G-D”

    Jackie Bourque

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