Yom Kippur for children

If you want to find G-d, close your eyes – in the dark, you will see His face upon you.  Of course, when you open your eyes, in the daylight, you see such wonderful things—the clouds, the mountains, people passing by, the beautiful faces, happy children everywhere.  The world is so fantastic.  In the nighttime, everything looks the same.  The world is all one, just like G-d.

Shma Yisroel Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ehad.

Hear O Israel the Lord our G-d the Lord is One.

Be part of the world, be part of G-d. That is why we Jews begin our day at nightfall—we all remember that we are part of everything—the one face of G-d.  After that, we can succeed in seeing the differences in the light of the sun.

It is true that Yom Kippur is ending soon, going back to the night.  The door to the day will soon be closed, the gates will be locked.  We have spent the whole day asking G-d to see us for all the good that we do in this world – neila – Yom Kippur will soon be over – what should we do – we want to tell Him that we are part of His all.

I want to tell you  beautiful Jewish children that I have the Key to the lock – the gates may be closed, but I will give you the key to open it all through the year.  Just be kind to your mother, tell your Zadie and Bubby that you love them, kiss your little brother and your Abba, be sweet to your friends and love your teacher who teaches you how to love G-d.

Every Neilah I take a moment, I close my eyes and I tell G-d about all the good things I have done in the past year and hope to do in the next year. I tell G-d how nice I’ve been to my Ima and how even nicer I want to be in the future. I tell G-d how much I’ve grown and learnt in the past year and how much closer I feel to each of G-d’s beautiful creations. I tell G-d how I love the privilege of being a Jew.

Shma Yisroel Adonai Eloheinu Adoni Ehad.

We will never stop doing good.

Gmar Chatima Tova.


Rabbi Ronnie Cahana, October 4, 2011


2 thoughts on “Yom Kippur for children

  1. ronnie you are a total inspiration. continue to surprise and enlighten everyone and continue to heal yourself
    love marilyn

  2. Dear Ronnie,

    I found this by way of Kitra’s photos today and of course I am thinking of you and Karen and your family.

    It sounds like you are healing yourself by refusing to lie down and by insisting on giving your sechel and spirituality to all children. I am sure that your healing has been facilitated by the love and attention of your family and I am certain that you are in good healing hands with them and the staff at the hospital who are all amazed at your will to participate in life.

    It sounds as if you are living a miracle right now and I will pray for you that you can continue to remind us children that we need to be good every day and give love.

    I hope that the sun continues to shine on you and give you warmth and strength as well as the inspiration and chutzpah to defy any and all medical prognoses that you disagree with.

    God bedring!

    Love to you all from


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