Note on T’filin


Dear Beth-El Morning Minyan members,

Finding spiritual paths in the hospital while vulnerable and fragile, a great delight of the day is to put on t’filin in co-ordination with our time of services.  I hear the tone, rhythm, the light banter, music and join you.  I know our sounds and I listen to your voices.  Our prayers are good and honest and G-d looks favourably on the kind.

Our kehilla is perfected because of you.  Cantor Benny has risen grandly to the moment.  Mark Wener assures the religious dignity of each congregant.  I am only permitted to wear the “shel rosh” t’filin, which, in a way, is the most healing of privileges.  The retzuot course through the whole body source from the mind.  Crown encircles the cranium.  In the holiest of holies, the kesher, which we believe lies contiguously off of Hashem’s holy kesher knot sits on the brainstem to heal, to repair, to purify the world.

Rabbi Ronnie Cahana


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