Rosh Hashanah for children

How far away is heaven?

Jacob’s dream was that he reached heaven on a ladder.

Now angels would go up and down the ladder.

I want to know how many rungs do you think that they needed to climb to reach heaven?

Some rabbis say 3: Tzdakkah – giving kindly to the other  what they need before they even ask, Tshuvah – responding quickly to someone’s request for support and Tefilah – praying that you give to other’s more than you take.

Some rabbis say 2: tzedek & tzedek, righteousness & righteousness, righteousness shall you pursue.  You should be a tzadik, a righteous person & live in a community of tzadikim, righteous people.

And other rabbis say 1 wrung is all the angels need to ascend – Love – love brings you to the highest level of the heavens.

But I say you don’t need any rungs because G-D already put heaven inside you – just look for your light that you were born with –

Shana Tova Tikatevu


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