Stroke Stories

Excerpt from Finding Out I’m Not Locked In After All

Finding sensation in an unfeeling body. A little bit of hostility in these livingquarters closes off my Weltanschauung. It’s not mine to incorporate; my brain plainly won’t let me feel. This melodic malady is hollowsweet, will be mist.  Practice. I think that all of life is about protecting the heart. Fears of rejection—won’t stand, can’t … Continue reading


Chag Purim Sameach

Purim 5775: Pure Amusings Why this holiday of masks? Confident people don’t hide. When we draw near to G-d, we compel ourselves to reveal. G-d’s Injunction in the Eighth Commandment is to never lie, mislead or deceive. Everyone’s life-task is to access the current contours of their ever-ascending soul. We bankrupt ourselves if we obscure … Continue reading