Poem Sarajevo

Once in Sarajevo

I subtly watched the night, glanced in quietly, closed in the eyelight
there to waylay seeping dresses and you in the food closet, closest to
the wall she walked in, what of the Pharaohs. Remember the pharaohs.
We were besides good luck lightings. We were man and beast approximately.

There have never been truckloads of this war going only
uni-directionally. Many intents
in too few of mankind clothing and you know making clothing is too
bagatelle perfect.
The other night was more leeway singsong. I never wanted to watch
this. I came here to
advise and to advertise Your lies.

Besides the wash down of milling and distrust distributing combine you and you
I become a cloud that captures your missiles and clangs them into
missives. Man has got to communicate.


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