Most Holy and cherished Congregation Beth El,
To the Compassionate One, the Most High Constant and Pure, who breathes meaning and truth into life. You have allowed me another verse of one more song, one more kiss to a loving life.

Rosh Chodesh Av enters the loneliest experience of the Jew. We are fatherless without Zion. The Rabbis did not direct a negotiation with the Romans. They only asked that their children be taught holiness in Torah, so that they could sustain in G-d’s way. Even during WWII, the rabbis never negotiated with the Nazis. Do not subvert our worthiness to Zion. Parshat Hashavua Massei teaches us that in a world of chaos and vacuousness, we need refuge in life. Even in the perfection of the Garden of Eden, there was the snake. When my nape exploded (when I had my stroke), I entered another dimension:inchoate, sub-planetary, protozoan. Universes are opened and closed continually. There are many when low, who stop growing. Last week, I was brought so low, but I felt the hand of my father around me, and my father brought me back.

I am grateful for all the love, messages and prayers I have received. They are uplifting me, and I hope to be back home soon.
Shabbat Shalom.
Rabbi Ronnie Cahana

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