Poetry / Psalms

Psalm 14: MammonCure


What’s your pointillism?

Manny’s Mammon

I. Vilence

I didn’t know your name
Just your woman

Your spartan white-and-blue eye

That wouldn’t pupil-look
Orb e seen

Hard lines put on your peaceful mouth

Hidden softnesses
Words few, convexed

Young love ready to achieve

You immunize another boyfriend
That she didn’t believe


II. Bodygardening

Always (Alight)

I sought you in slants and angles
Downhilling or upstriding

Summerising portal frames

Classic fear pallor
Causing visible impression
Dusk or dawn

You were quiet… quiet…

And I sighed in love

I met G-d be
hind you

Until you decided.


III. Sleep Does Not Rest, Love

We ponder a heartbeat
Intertraced between us

We know its whys
Wear and wend

Throbs of sediment propitious

And our promise breeds nightly,


One thought on “Psalm 14: MammonCure

  1. Dear Ronnie, I am so glad that you continue to write poetry. We think of you and the entire family often. You are in our prayers.

    We are excited about Bradley’s choice of a lifelong mate, and so glad that you got to meet her – and even predict the union before they told you of their plans!! He just took Antonia to meet Yvonne in Barbados since she may not come to the wedding.

    Love to all of you, Marguerite

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