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Psalm 32- Savoring Her Unhurried Love


Psalm 32- Savoring Her Unhurried Love

I) The Holy One

The  Savor
Lasted an eternity years

It thundered
My tremble

As I breathe-kissed her shoulder structure

Contoured One. We
Are Shaped by our heart

You say you love.  I inhale

II) An Alleluia to All That

Is Sisyphus alive still?  Are there Elders who
Tell him to turn the tendrils of his turgid soul
Inwords? What is a task without a companion’s
Ear? What are lips within sentences to purse them?

III)  The only One

The sweet window chatter
Of the wind outside
        Our room

The timpani
Of symphony.
       Re- aligns Heavens Creating

Forsake the dried desert I sighed to myself

Desire inheres to this Divine dissolve
Of  Oneness


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