Poetry / Psalms

Psalm 31- Extolled


Psalm 31- Extolled

(By all accounts heaven’s wince shortcuts
One pair’s undoing)

You once had expected
What now You’ve accepted
A regalia of weather and wine
Drunk at the reception
Alight in convention
We  settle our troubles sublime

Believe you own beauty
You know it  becoming
You were a child of my pride
I praised You for daring
I raised you while swearing
That G-d is inside and astride

Why don’t You hear it?
Or is it You fear it?
Its features are innocence Divine

You were born on my shoulders
Suborned life’s small borders
Yet never refract nor resign
In holy wars’ treasures
A  compendium of measure
Lest otherworlds lose lust in their prime.


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