To Be An Upright Man


To Be An Upright Man

To be an upright man
       I am, I can

                      To be an upright man
                                To be my height again

To be an upstanding man
Is where I am

To be an upfront man
      I am, I can

It’s the sky it’s the sky
               Up above me so high
      That gives me space
Not the feet in defeat
    In crumbled disgrace

That’s not my pace

In the night
          In the day
                 I know me which way

                                          I want to walk on my heels
                                Not sit on wheels

        It’s not much to ask
               For a body in tact
                          Being alive is
                                     Bringing  my

Every bit of  joy
                      Inside this boy
                                  Runs through
                                                  The air. Breeze tousles his hair
                              Having the wherewithal
                                                                                          To skip and not ever fall
                                            Is what remains to live again

To be a forthright man
   dismays my naught,
Denies  what’s wrought.


3 thoughts on “To Be An Upright Man

  1. Great poem! Thank you for being such an inspiration.

    I keep all your writings in a file!!


  2. I love this poem Ronnie. It echoes where we know you are heading (hasn’t it been clear from day one of the stroke). You’ll lead us in the parade!

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