Divrei Torah

A Vort on Bereishit


When G-d forms primordial Adam ha-Rishon, G-d kisses Heaven’s Wind into his nose (Bereishit 2:7). Why reason a second birthing where Eve is fashioned from Adam’s innards? (2:21). It is confusing because we know that Adam’s entire being has been filled with G-d’s Life Force. We know here that eternal life is within the composition of humankind. Why did G-d see the need for any creation beyond his? What does Eve’s creation add?

The key mitzvah of the Torah is to love G-d. Yet it is also the most abstract among the mitzvot. Who anyway believes that they love G-d sufficiently? Where does one reach for their full heart, soul, and extremis (Deut 6:4-9)? How do we locate and employ these utmosts?

We actualize our great love of G-d through the desirous ardor we share and grow with our spouse. The Gan Eden of our intimacy is where we present our love of G-d to G-d. Think not that Eve was fashioned from Adam’s rib; think rather that she came to life through Adam’s lungs. That G-d’s Wind into Adam’s nostril became the concretia of Chava in his exhale. Just as the ribcage protects our lungs, our breathing machine, so does our sanctified spousal bond preserve our manifestation of ahavat HaShem.

NB: Resh-aleph-heh (lung) is a sound-cognate with resh-ayin-yodh-heh (wife).


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