Poetry / Psalms

Psalm 24: Such Nonesuches

(Forgive, Do Not Forget by Alice Lok Cahana—62.5×92.5″ Ink on paper, 1979-81)


Psalm 24: Such Nonesuches from Auschwitz

Eeriness holds the heart in winter

Yearlong we winnowed you
from thoughts, we lost

Headwrong into the skies of Spring

Howling loneliness here in desert:
our people float down–stricken
into bubbling flame

and unknown

“Be brittle”
mothers respond
through guarding hands

You will outlive the future
of that one-time paradise

The sum of this night
will winter our eyes
but harness my soul
in your perfect breath

Inspire what G-d
pushes into you, my darling

Such is G-d’s earth worth


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