Audio / Divrei Torah

Shabbat Nachamu / Parshat Vaetchanan

(Audio: Rabbi Ronnie Cahana on Radio Shalom, 2009)


Spoken seven years ago, I no longer stand by the conclusions of this theology. This was my five-year-old’s answer to nightly Auschwitz bedtime stories. “Mother, you survived so that I may live. G-d chose your future for me to combine your love and Father’s.” This blanks out the loss. Survival is not denial. The kedoshim, the martyred innocents, shall revive—this is G-d’s promise to the world. Now I say, G-d made you both everlasting because of your limitless love. A love like that defies dying, defies death. This love manifests techiyat hametim, the resurrection to come.


One thought on “Shabbat Nachamu / Parshat Vaetchanan

  1. Thank you Ronnie – this is very profound. I will think a lot about this and thank you for your brilliance. Shabbat Shalom, Helene

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