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Psalm 15: Manny Shrives


Psalm 15 —
Manny Shrives

Caustic glances
and you seethe

Divining what divides who

As barrels of hopes
buoy all your

Which uprights?
What capsized?

“Oh, but it was gorgeous to live!”
(You told me before)
“Oh, when the manatee would carry me…”

But ours was a bargain
there in that herd

And how we are sometimes
scarce for a word!

You blame the low hurdle, you see
You blame the hurt wisdom in me

Still I survive
alive and

And I conduce
what you

“Absolution is no solution
when you atone what
you don’t own”

Asunder we wonder
until we will
the ground’s fulfill

can sense us


One thought on “Psalm 15: Manny Shrives

  1. I am so happy to receive your poems, etc. We would like to fly to Montreal to see you this summer, so l’ll work this out with Karen. And thank you for writing the blessing for Brad and Antoinia, and sending Karen to us! Love, Marguerite

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