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Psalm 16: Enchance the Whether


Psalm 16 —
For: Alexandher

Enchance the Whether

Midnight or not
This warm heir
Of mind mined

Seconds the light
Fleshed with
Whirls of words

In sensual innocence
A ritual brews its thistles

As this handsome Hebrew
In his want-to

Purposes his seed
As the whisperer portrayer

And we sentence
The merchant of voice
Into night

English becomes a landscape
Of sober bristles
Pursed with whistles

Machine pure, poised,
Pours of sinking skin
(A ritual bruised)

We bible-account
What calls us to beauty
In duty and in love:

In chants the weather!
Wisdom’s ownly act

In June we must slumber
By September we hunger
With nary a moment
Respect won’t react

We have sums that are august
And terms as men must

Still homes are accomplished
As righteous regains

In G-d we combust

Essential in ascents
The limelight remains

A singular skin
Sinks in, sinks in


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