Poetry / Psalms

Psalms 16 and 17 ::

Psalm 16 : Étude of Quietude

Unburdened. Imperturbable.

Soft skin of the face separates the soul of you,
the blinking whole in you.

The throat backslides,
doubling her words.

The mind is, your honor—

Jejune nights in review
and the smile of lifted eyes
begins its moonquest.

Bubbling signals bump lifetimes’ orders to one another:
“my life, your life.” Electrons fast, lashes
clasp, dreams of

There is an inferno in these heart chambers.

Won’t you dance in a loan time?

Psalm 17 : Innocence on the Uptick

Perfectible. Lying in Heaven.

Who will grant the sentiment its
due trust?

Who will awaken the sun tonight?

A man fawns and broods,
ponders the light of her reflections.

How to find the soul of your G-d?
How to bric-à-brac the Golden Holy?

Dew thrust, finding:
There is a sanctuary in this mountain’s clime.

Are You in it?


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