Poetry / Psalms

Psalms 13 and 15


Psalm 13: Haunts inhere

I wasn’t supposed to be
pure and silver elegy:
non-bleeding white tears
as pursed as lips

You propose silence
summer-like somnambulance
gem-talk and arms akimbo

Do not regard a delicate glance
as only yours

We kiss suns

Psalm 15: Maniacal mantra

She is talking picayune chatter. Baby-eyes are crying:
“Please release me.”
He hurtles canyons of solace. Soul-song promise:
‘What does love bring?’

Blunders; flabbergasted sentences; how can I say that
I keep you in mind?

There are trembles and decibels trebling. The man sizes his
belongings, sighs up the air and predicts to her:
“Life is what we elong.”

“Teach me something newly brung,” she pleases.

“I keep Your quiddity in mind.”


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