Poetry / Psalms

Psalms 10 through 12


Psalm 10: ManWhole

One wonders unctuous:
I shall not want?

Wandering wanes, now
undulates unluckily and
starts at uneven times

— defend your doubt

According to G-d, you are a
definite article in danger maybe
of never knowing itself

— blood roils regardless

There is tempered tempo, there is
a song for you to resize


And if you do if you do there will be
a quiet table set in your will-be
where angels can enter

Psalm 11: ManIsHis Sexpectations ((Manasseh’s / Menaces))

Darker light brightens the sun

Worship is warring
for bigness to breathe back Your soul

Deserve this moment,
preserve it, re-
surface it

My remnants tumble
down for this trust
to find this body
in the lonely air
a part from You
I am windblown woozy
and shuckled

— ribs won’t save me

I Re-form my I
of You in this
airless eye

Psalm 12: Man(I)cure

Hands off

Echoes in ears’ innocences
yet we speak sugarspeak
coos of unused defenses

Hands on

I wouldn’t be Your first
I didn’t want that disagreeing memory
I wanted you Simon pure
where we can be white, billowous
following the fallen breeze

If G-d Has it in our minds
to live in each other’s pleasure
in this afterlife of cafés and teas


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