Tamira’s Birthday / The Breadth of Praise

gravity falling — your worthiness:

winter of whiteness
silence of wind

worship in lovestruck
lands born in din

mistress has suitors
trumpets begin

warm in the cheeks
religion within.

your high look of Heaven
stirs angels
be cause

your soul in commotion
is thunder’s

with strength of the sea line
and creatures
of noise

G-d sent your world’s purpose
with balance
and poise.

the man that’s remaining
in steps that repose

commands a glance aiming
inserting suppose

the rules are renaming
the amble we chose

the night recounts what Heaven still knows.


in the time of only laughter
Protect her delight

her countenance that whirls
sincere, bright

Gain her kindle so pure
Own her empress

her present day sure

Father of comfort’s respite
Bless eternity’s allure

Let her love requite

Let her love requite

(Love, Aba

February 18, 2015)


3 thoughts on “Tamira’s Birthday / The Breadth of Praise

  1. Keep those beautiful profound poems and psalms coming! Miss you; so great to hear from you in whatever form/forum public or one-on-one! Lots of love and light to you, Karen and the whole mishpacha. Happy Birthday Tamira. Love Reisa

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