Effective Beauty (changes the world)

Effective Beauty (changes the world)

To my countless volunteers who pray for me with their hands,

In the light of your face we see light — Ki v’ohr panecha. G-d breathes into the nose of Adam,
unto Eve. That breath is the Light of all Creation, the spark of all we live by.

When my body couldn’t find itself, I saw in its place a darkened shape, slithers and shards of lightning’s light. By empty space nightfallen, I sought memory of whiteness’s burn. And then you – G-dsend you in shamash-time — you gave your full flame to re-light me. Your undiminished fire filled my vacuum, a vacuous self no more. It is a belief in growth, Chanukah is, a dedication for the undead. There is a recall to an echo once heard. We belie the emptiness for this delight.

This body is my menorah and you are all my shamash. Exemplars of light are self-awakening. I have met angelic you and am carried from the other side.  Oh, to be a shamash of G-d! “Never stop praying for redemption,” my father taught me. The enlarging light charted nightly on the windowsill says to the street: “This home is dedicated to finding G-d’s Face within. At least we will try.” We will try to inverse man’s decreation.

Chasing G-d, through the hoops and the loops of the cityside. Under vacant buildings with no alleyways. No walking. We skip to the hummings of old carts and fashions our great-grandparents would have known and lived by. What do we build off? What is our building of? I would be your version of princely beauty. Hod.


One thought on “Effective Beauty (changes the world)

  1. חג שמך! If we are shamash to your body, it is only because you are shamash to the minds of all your followers and supporters.

    Next month, I will see your brother, Michael, for the first time in nearly 40 years. I cannot wait to reconnect with him. I hope to have a similar opportunity should my travels take me back to Montreal. In the meantime, I wish you continued peace, joy and renewal.


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