Poetry / Psalms

Some psalms 6, 7, 8

Psalm 6 — Mangoes mangled

I seek You in my own nature — not G-d’s

Longing naturally / lungs like mine / lunging lungs

Proof that You love me

Mother left on a smoggy day — wouldn’t look my way — kept her eyes
on the blue song of faraway vapor waves:

But I am queasy am
tear-singing lonely

Her only child of lonesome bother

We weep
with glances
when we don’t notice

You, cherie,
please look at me

My damp eyes keep their hug upon You

I will never
be done.


Psalm 7 — Kohanim

We recall Your Name
in the size of our tribe

Know we have been un-altared
in our unaltering call for You

We’re not the same:
a doughty aim not to die

Never fear feeling
Your breasty breath

We say it love:
loveliving in self-tautness

Clouds are cumulative tears
wanting tender irises

There is a woman
to sample
in You

She becomes me


Psalm 8 — Manhandle Perfect Imperfect

The winds rebreathe Your
drumming signposts I
have to be where
I am not

A trace of Sinai’s

You give pluperfect instruction
and for that I am
heartworn, pining

We were used to more / we
used to be more but I’ve

Daze like this:
love in the quicklight
of cityquiet

Once I knew You would not leave I
collapsed for Your


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