Poetry / Psalms

Some Psalm 5

Psalm 5 :: Despite the Man-hating I-land

Isotopes had been frozen till the end of sky demurred. Collide-o-scopic demiurge, the weekend flies on by. Off-chance the empowered, wakened empty hours. Tongues drink up the air. Miracles die with sigh. Love tries but is soured, poured of trial and doured. Criss-crossed, untoward. Nothing can salvage it all.

Tender now G-d Reproves – Forever’s forever’s forever…

Along rides up the beknighted. Beyond arctic clouds and un-frighted. Holiness detected, wonder within its own quiet. Man belongs in soft position. Repose has time, has ardour. Suddenness at home in sentimental towers. Un-architected hearts pound, resounding under their shrouds.

When there’s privacy there’s G-d. Gentle lips and lift. Woman happens as a wince call, a once call.

And this is


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