Birthday Poem for Sapira, 17 years

The Tree of Life Whispers, “Ayekem? Where Have They Gone?”

Won’t envision what you’ll become. Can’t.
But who you were was all awe.
Bountious beautiful G-dly you.
Did not my eyes swell in remembering?

There was a time before you.
Preparing the maple sap. There was a time in snow land. Blinking the re-creation.
But G-d made the earth to replenish itself. And so did this family. The strain on the clouds crowded and crowed. A fall-out; let this family have shape. The sky contumely rehearsed its protest. Another life again.

With you Eden’s garden returns.
What splendor and glory in a little girl’s eyes


One thought on “Birthday Poem for Sapira, 17 years

  1. Oh Ronnie, how great that you are writing poetry and continuing your active life of the mind!! We love you and think of you often.

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