Divrei Torah / Poetry

Mekubal Al HaMizbeach


Mekubal Al HaMizbeach (Received on the Holy Altar) 

“May G-d bless you and keep you
May His light shine upon your face and Her grace grace you
May G-d lift your countenance and embrace you within Heavenly peace”

Children receive our heart-tearing earth on two ears, onto air. This is heritage. Oneness once and forever. I cull them. I want to be inside that word blessing the ingress of Eden.

Yevarechecha. The blessing blesses you, mannequin man. Ado-Shem. G-d’s blue wail on souls’ day. Techelet fingers. The evening’s surrender. Veyishmerecha. Nefesh is the body’s white-gold armor.

Ya’er. Light is ziv and crown. Ado-Shem. Trajectories in inner space, quiets. Panav. Adrift. The inner pink of underface. Elecha. Breath blown into your nose and sinews. Veyichuneka. Father Adam is reborn tonight. You have His Neshama. Dance the fire there.

Yisah. Is there life in aimless wanders? Ado-Shem. Adoration adorns the forlorn. Panav. Her face at last, Shechinah’s brink. Elecha. Now the song is unmuted. Veyasem. Placed and erased. Shaaaaaaaalommmmmm. Harmonized. Alive, alove. Ruach Elokim winds over the earth through a field of violet tulips.

I will keep this blessing until the Will gives it back to you next Erev Shabbos. This is my secret pact after the lights alight the Licht Gebentscht.


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