Divrei Torah / Poetry

Tukad Al HaMizbeach


… each’s bounteous joy aglow within a lifespan of Heavenly Beauty …

What Happens To Us When We Bless Our Children on Erev Shabbos?

Seven Angels join the Cahana Tisch for Shalom Aleichem. Where does our Bracha go?

Each angel carries one’s skyward. I mind mine, it appears, but in Israelity, I mind hers — Karen is always only in my mind’s I.

Fifteen steps upwards to the Beit HaMikdash, each Kohen climbs to begin the day’s Avodat Hashem. Each step is sung with the next word of Nesiyat Kapayim. (Fingers as letter shin, pronouncing the threefold blessing.)

Step. Yevarechecha — Whisper your blessing directly into her newborn heart. “You are beauty’s lifelong buzz. Your mouth inhales His tangible Air. Yours sculpts the sky.”         Step. Ado-Shem — G-d Forms your inner eye; your pupils adorn your dreams. Be jeweled.         Step. Veyishmerecha — Protect our hour’s blessing, welcome its Eternity. Nefesh lifts the gaviah, the sterling Kiddush cup, into the instance of endlessness.

Step. Ya’er — by Your Light we see all light.        Step. HaShem — Only, Always.        Step. Panav — ((Dare not look))        Step. Elecha — (((Dare be wide-eyed)))        Step. Veyichuneka — His gold-plated Menorah here. Neshama, from G-d’s breath to torrid you. Kindled.

Step. Yisah — Limitless high.        Step. Ado-Shem — Rachaman.        Step. Panav — Live. Breathe. Create.        Step. Elecha — Unformed.        Step. VeyasemRuach Elokim.        Step. Lecha — Merachefet. Hovers.        Step. Shalom — G-d Alone. Kulo.


2 thoughts on “Tukad Al HaMizbeach

    • I love the imagery of the steps corresponding to the words; the poem recreates a feeling of climbing upward; each word is a step. Exquisite poem,Tamar

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