You are my Lantern (a trilogy poem)


Wayward then

in no sense

I left my weighed word home and ran to Seoul sporting a wastrel’s unsupported waist before the crash.

A train, cobalt blue discovers you, unmasks this vast past

This must last.

Olive wet.

I found your dream inside your green-eyed gleam.

Your I withstood, all whys do good.

The dew appraises us.

Quite right.

You are my lantern.

((Creation history))

So soft.

This voice, this once so boisterous closed down voice.

The repeating onliness wills holiness.

Thus G-d.

There were mountains beside us. Scoff the night.

We are interminable.

Light dares not abate.

We are winds swelling; lovelorn.

Winged whiteness befriends us in the mist, through the wettening clouds.

Strength happens from your touch.

I am suspended                                  (error)

Without you

The beginning of matter is your mood

Kissing through your lips                              (back inside)

This wanderer unwounds:

How did we do such a Psalm?

Thunder to live by your heart.

Presence like noon.

Every all you’ll recall

breeds a timelessness in us

in known sense.

Our own.

White nights regained over the heavenly seas

G-d bends limitless meaning



There are two types of poetry:

Questing or discovering. Seeking is meandering , it’s the stuff of pop songs. Uncovering employs wisdom.


Out of Touch, Out of Reach

The wind blew by

A big blue, too

Clear and dear and near.

You there, my little psalstrist

What you bear; all is comportment

Bring me to you

Let something blow us together

May it be the wīnd of your heart

Maybe harp strings play it pianissimo

Pluck both my cheeks towards you

I saw you in the circle dance

Heightening your cherkessia

Over and over and over again

All I noticed were the strings of your strong calves

And I met love’s first lance

I knew it in you, intuit the white shines of eyes aglance

I reddened shy, ice rent tears

I will live this love

I swallowed breath.


Once More

All this just to dance with you

The world wants it

My father promised it

God says so

I love the noiselessness of no

Now I know

Beautiful brain

In the drizzle, in the rain

Know aye now

ai ai ai ai ai

oy oy oy oy oy

(Repeat x 2)


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