Entrapped Against a Wall


Entrapped Against a Wall

Come out I plead. My mind knows my body, all the while my heart knows G-d’s heart. It’s the nose that knows poisonous fury. And the curved finger reflects it. The mouth is G-d’s beauty. Yah-Peh / Yah-Feh. And the ears have no concern, only balance. Let the music flow. Arise my eyes. You are direction. You are closure. Tears and color. I love the sense of your quiet that excites. You are the sparkling future, but my nose, you are the past. First G-d breathed Breath into you. Why did you ever exhale? Such is your sadness. The world comes apart; awryses. Only G-d has righteousness and kavod. A new world in proper measure.

(G-d gave you Hava to breathe his Breath to you in heavenly encirclements of those kisses; the second dveikut. You are ever inhaling each other. Never more alone.)

974 generations before Adam. Adam is the word Meod. On the sixth day G-d proclaimed Tov Meod. Moshe Rabbeinu’s Hebrew name was Tov. Adam received G-d’s holy blow in. A voice for his creation in Bereishit. But Tov’s soul was drawn out of him by G-d at the end of Parshat Veyelech in Dvarim, like drawing a piece of hair from a saucer of cream. So is the frame of the Torah.

Shimon and Levi were refused by Yaacov’s Bracha. Moshe, Aaron and Amram redeemed Levi through song, through poetry, through blessing and through nation building. They belong in the Mishkan. The Lamed Vav Yud are the letters of Yisrael and G-d. Lamed Vav Yud comprises the word Veyelech. Kaf and Lamed makes up two words: Lech, Go and Kol, All.

Shimon on the other hand stayed murderous against Shchem. Falsifying the brit. Shimon hears but does not understand, only the heart has Bina. Shimon could never discern. And his portion shriveled and was ignored by Moshe’s bracha. Moshe spoke to G-d panim el panim. G-d’s face went into manwoman Adam. But Moshe saw eyes himself. Saw G-d through clear glass. Moshe knew clarity. Adam saw his own nothingness.

Love loves its own lips. Dings its own ellipse. What the mouth doesn’t know is that it should never hide her teeth. The clang and cling of each other’s lungs.


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